Over 5 years of tendering industry experience

We are reliable tender consulting company that has qualified individuals based to simplify your tendering process and solving the challenges that individuals and organizations face in day-to-day tendering process. We focus on originality, usability, and scalability. We also connect customers, partners, and organizations to discover new business ideal and ease process of doing tenders.

To enhance good customer experience, customization is a key feature of our services. Through partnerships, we will role out a top notch tendering business consultancy. We assist businesses to achieve tender transformation and organizations to become more responsive, agile and efficient.

Convenience is a critical factor in determining how our clients make decisions about what services to use and that's why we understand and implement services that are convenient to our customers by researching and designing solutions based on their needs.
Our aim is to create value for our partners and clients as we implement strategies, establish business opportunities, engineer technology and deploy solutions leading to growth and prosperity.


Running your tendering business doesn't have to be complicated. Together let's secure your next big opportunity.

Provides comprehensive skills

Demystifying the tender process

Providing outsourced approach

Standard tender compilation

Want to grow your business? We know you do!

We’re a team of passionate and highly-qualified individuals working towards the same goal to help businesses across Kenya succeed through tendering business.

Tenderers KE was established early 2019, and we’ve since grown to become Kenyan’s largest tender marketplace.

We’re dedicated to find new ways to help our customers reach their business goals, whatever they may be, and ensuring our services stay at the forefront of the tendering industry.

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We offer the best solutions for our clients, if you choose us to help you with your company’s tender requirements, be rest assured that we will handle it. Together let's secure your next big opportunity!